Tech Conveyor Wraps Up Returns for Technicolor

Technicolor owns and operates one of the world’s largest returns facilities for the handling of VHS, DVD and CD’s. Their facility was recently completed by Tech Conveyor, Inc. The project was implemented using a combination of new system strategies as well as proven material handling technologies that had been developed and utilized by TCI. The new system incorporates a variety of pop-up roller; pop-up wheel, flat slat shoe and multi-level tilt tray sortation systems to handle the massive volume. The returns facility is capable of sorting over 2.1 million pieces during its daily three shift operation. The facility has been designed to allow for future system expansion that will add additional flat slat shoe and multi-level tilt tray sorters to accommodate a daily system sortation rate of over 4.2 million pieces per day.

The volume of returns being sent by major retailers and the wide variety of packaging material used in both the individual unit packages as well as the return’s packaging, required a system design capable of handling the broad range of package mix as well as the extremely large daily volume.

Large cartons of mixed returns arrive on over the road trailers at the shipping dock doors and are manually placed onto a series of belt extendible conveyor that induct the packages into the system. All the returns packages are scanned for identification and then fed through a series of sortation systems that sort the returns by title to QA and automated re-wrapping lines. Returned titles once checked and re-packaged are sorted by title, re-boxed into master cartons and re-entered into the system. The re-boxed master cartons are then automatically sorted by title to hand palletizing stations. Pallet load quantities of product can then be accumulated and returned to storage to await re-distribution or returned to vendors.

Through the use of a variety of sortation technologies, this returns facility has been able to handle a broad range of package mix, extremely high volumes and positions Technicolor to handle their rapid growth with a future system capable of sorting over 4.2 million items per day.