The Vermont Country Store

The Vermont Country Store “Purveyors of the Practical & Hard-to-Find”. had an existing packing system designed to accommodate fifteen pack stations. Over the years as volumes increased, an additional eleven pack stations were added, however, these stations did not have access to the in-feed and take away conveyor, creating the need for manual order handling and a significant loss in productivity. In 2004, Tech Conveyor was selected to re-design the existing Packing and Shipping operations. By re-configuring the pack area, TCI was able to provide twenty-eight pack stations with easy access to both the in-feed and take-away conveyor and significantly increased the overall pack area capacity.

In addition to the Packing system modifications, TCI moved The Vermont Country Store from a manual shipping and manifest system to an automated shipping sortation system with an in-motion scale parcel manifest system. The automated system eliminated the need for manual weighing and sorting and provided the needed capacity for years to come.The Vermont Country Store recently asked Tech Conveyor to expand their existing shipping and manifest system in order to double the number of outbound shipping destinations. With continued growth and the availability of new customer shipping options, the need to lengthen the existing sortation system became a necessity. The original system had been engineered and installed by TCI with future expansion in mind. The system expansion required the lengthening of the NBS 90 pop-up roller sorter and mezzanine as well as the addition of after sort lanes. All the system changes had to be made without impacting the day to day shipping operation. Software changes to the TCI parcel manifest system and sortation control system would be needed in order to add the new shipping lanes and customer options.

The system changes needed to be implemented within a limited window of opportunity. An installation schedule was selected during the slowest shipping period. The necessary program changes were written, tested and loaded onto the existing system in the background, ready to be turned on when the mechanical and electrical installation changes were finished. Mechanical and electrical engineering was completed, equipment ordered, received, checked and staged on-site in preparation for the installation. Mechanical and electrical installation crews were thoroughly prepared, detailed installation drawings and instructions were provided and reviewed prior to the commencement of installation.

With the preparations choreographed down to the smallest detail, the installation was started after first shift on the selected Friday. The mechanical and electrical installation work moved along smoothly and was completed on schedule, the software turned on, field tested and ready for turnover to The Vermont Country Store ahead of schedule.

Detailed preparation, a dedicated team of professionals and the forethought to design the original system for future expansion allowed The Vermont Country Store to continue providing their customers with the level of service they have grown to expect while providing them with expanded shipping options.